Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a general look at some of our most frequently asked questions.  However, we welcome and encourage you to contact us for more specific and personal answers to your Background screening questions.

  1. How are the background screenings conducted?
  2. How quickly can I get results?
  3. How will I be notified that results are available?
  4. How much does screening cost?
  5. Are all laws considered during screening?
  6. How does the Fair Credit Reporting Act apply to background screenings?
1. How are your background screenings conducted?
We have designed a proprietary total web-based data system for the most efficient and secure way to request and retrieve Background investigations.  During your pre-employment process, your applicants will need to complete a release form, provided by us.  Upon receipt of the release form, SR&I will conduct the requested investigation searching public and private records,  contacting academic and professional licensing institutions and past employers, and completing reference interviews.
2. How quickly can I get results?
SR&I average turn-around time for completed investigations is between 1- 72 hours, for most investigations.  Upon completion of investigations, a ” closed” file, clients receive an e-mail notification. Unfortunately delays happen on occasions for reasons beyond our control, such as court delays.  In cases of delays, our database is updated with the reason for the delay, so our clients are never left wondering the status of their report.
3. How will I be notified when results are available?
If elected, you can receive an automatic e-mail notification that your screening results are available for viewing/printing, however, our site offers real time updates and can be accessed at any time for viewing current status.
4. How much does screening cost?
SR&I offers competitive pricing with superior services and quality product.  We believe our clients are unique and don’t fit into a one price fits all, with that in mind we specialize in designing service packages to best meet our client’s needs and industry specific in some cases.  Most clients find a package provides them with many additional services at an extremely economical price.  In cases where only a few services are needed, SR&I does offers individual service prices as well. When employers weigh the growing cost involved in hiring, training and retaining the right employee, and the considerable draining cost involved in reviews, disciplinary actions, and even possible damages from the wrong employee, our screening service benefits outweigh the minimal costs involved. All services include training, support and consultations.
5. Are all laws considered during screening?
SR&I policies and procedures comply with applicable laws and regulations.
6. How does the Fair Credit Reporting Act apply to Background screening?
Whenever an employer uses an outside agency to obtain information about an employee or job applicant, compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act is mandatory. This act requires employers to obtain a person’s written consent before requesting Background information. It also outlines procedures the employer must follow if he decides to rescind a job offer or deny employment as a result of the report. To learn more, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Web site.
7. What's involved for our applicants to be screened? 
As part of the employment process, your applicants will be asked to complete and sign release form we provide.  This form explains the Background investigation process and complies with legal requirements.  For more detail information, see our Background screening Procedures section.

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