Employers, now more then ever, need to know exactly who they are really hiring. With identity theft and workplace violence becoming increasingly common, the demand to carefully screen applicants has become crucial. Unfortunately, many companies are being held responsible for employee incidents causing them to realize the hard way, the benefits and cost effectiveness of pre-employment screening.

At SR&I, our meticulous screening services will assist you with validating and evaluating vital data on prospective and current employees. We provide factual information critical for making prudent hiring decisions.

Our Screening Services can assist your business with:

  • Identifying resume and application fraud
  • Reducing costly employment turnover
  • Avoiding costly negligent hiring & retention lawsuits
  • Reducing risk of internal petty theft & white collar crimes
  • Reducing risk of workplace violence and increasing safety
  • Reducing liabilities associated with employee drug & alcohol abuse
  • Safeguarding your clients, customers, employees, patients, staff, students, teachers, & yourself
  • Protecting your trade secrets & proprietary information
  • Complying with Federal, State & governing authorities regulations
  • Overall company protection